Marty Van Hemert

Hansen Elementary

Marty is one of the BEST teachers that I have even known. I just retired after being secretary at Hansen Elementary for many year. I had the pleasure of working right across the hallway from Marty's room. I seen on a daily basis how her classroom was run. She is talented, patient, kind, compassionate, and has all the quqlities that makes her a GREAT kindergarten teacher. Her class often entertains the office staff with a song accompanied by Marty on the guitar. Please consider her for teacher of the week. Thanks!


Linda Mahncke




My son started Kindergarten this past fall at Hansen Elementary. As a first-time Kindergarten parent, I was nervoud. Nervous about how my son would do, how his year would go....but within the first week I knew he was going to have a great year because of his wonderful teacher, Mrs. Van Hemert.


She is so kind and caring, and has high expectations for her students and their behavior. She's teaching the kids social skills as week; not interrupting, taking turns, how to ask questions, how to ask for help.


This past fall I forgot to send a teddy bear along to school for my son's Teddy Bear Party. I didn't even remember until we were home and my son said "Mommy, we forgot to take a teddy bear. Buts it's okay, Mrs. Van Hemert had one for me to borrow and I had other friends who borrowed teddy bears." Ugh - felt like a major "mom fail" moment, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been becasue of Mars. Van Hemert!


Mrs. Van Hemert is the kind of teacher you always hope your child will have. She's well-deserving of Teach of the Week!


Janelle Darst