Stephanie McCombs

Lou Henry Elementary

This year, my daughter's 3rd grade class was one of the two classrooms put into new modulars at Lou Henry Elementary. At first, I was very disappointed by this face but Mrs. McCombs had a fabulous attitude about it that helped put parents at ease. She made it more fun and special for her students despite the initial chaos and confusion. She started a class blog and encouraged the students to post comments to it on a regular basis. She made their experience unique and gave them privileges other classes didn't have due to the logistical challenges of being "outside" the school. She has a way of rewarding good behavior that involves a moth lesson with individual checkbooks like banking. Then the students can "buy" items at a "store" in the classroom. Mrs. McCombs has challenged my daughter with the advanced lessons she craves and helped her grow beyond the class capabilities instead of limiting her learning or ignoring her in favor of only helping challenging students.


Instead of being bored or dreading school, Kiersten thoroughly enjoys her time at school, her classmates and especially her teacher. As we parepare to move out of state, this year's classroom experience will definitely be a last reminder of the powerful influence of an incredible Iowa teacher! Thank you, Mrs. McCombs!