Jessica Finnegan

St. John's Preschool

Jessica Finnegan is deserving of this award fro many reasons. She teaches the 3 year old program as well as oversee the entire program. We chose this school based on her and the reputation she has. My son Alston is in the 3 year old program and she has been amazing for him. Not only does she provide an education that is second to none she teaches them life skills that they may not get elsewhere. She teaches the importance of being a good person. She has a heart of gold and is never too busy to talk to a parent about their child's education. Jessica Finnegan is very deserving of being teacher of the week. With her in charge of the preschool it will continue to thrive and lay the groundwork for a love of learning in these children. She is teacher of the week every week to those who know her and we hope that she can recognized publicly.


Thank you

Many Loeb

Mother of Alston Loeb, 3