Jeff Krieg

Sacred Heart

I, Hailee Ciesielski nominate Jeff Krieg for teacher of the week. I am in the 8th grade at Sacred Heart. Jeff Krieg is one of us. He helps when we do not understnad something and works with us until we do. He tells us to come in before or after school for help. He is the girl's basketball coach and teaches us our skills. He teaches us not only academics, but also how to be good citizens. He removes the flag every night and has students fold it with him. On a scale of 1-10, he is an 11. We the 8th grade students think he is the greatest teacher and deserves to actualy be THE TEACHER OF THE UNIVERSE! We respect him, but also have fun with him. Please, please pick, him for teacher of the week. You will be very impressed with him. He is Waterloo's well kept secret and he deserves the best.


Hailee Ciesielski