Laura Stolz

Castle Hill

The teacher I am nominating is an amazing teacher, teaching those kids that can't function in regular schools. Sh is (in many cases) the m ost stable and consistent thing in her students's lives and that is not a responsibility she takes lightly. She does not receive much (if any) support from the student's families, as these kids often come from troubled homes. She makes their days fun, educational and most importantly - safe. Laura Stolz teaches kids with behavior disorders at Castle Hill and also happens to be my mom. I think she deserves recognition for what she does because her job is often overlooked by the community and the families of her students - a network that most other teachers come to depend on. She takes every day in stride and celebrates the small accomplishments (a day with no violence) and the big accomplishments (a student getting to go back to the normal school district) equally, all whiile working a second job to supplement her income in order to pay back her student loans - she was a non-trditional student who got into teaching at age 50, after her job at the Sara Lee plant in New Hampton was eliminated. I admire her for her many accomplishments, but mostly for trying to do something to change these kids' lives.


Jessica Brogan