Marty Wurth

West Cedar Elementary - Waverly

Hi, my name is Rachelle Weidler and I would like to nominate a caring and passionate teacher from West Cedar in Waverly. His name is Mr. Wurth and he is a one of a kind. He is willing to go above and beyond to help his kids and anyone else that needs the help. He does bus duty every morning and evening. He is so wonderful I could not say a bad thing about this gentle and caring teacher. He also helped the kitchen staff last year when they fell behind in serving the kids for the meal time. He always has a smile on his face and he really shows that he cares about each and everyone of his kids in his class. i wish I could have him follow each and everyone of my kids because I do think he is one of the best teachers we have. He makes sure before he lets the kids go with anyone he gives them a hug and they go to the right person which is really important to me and other parents. We need more teachers like Mr. Wurth that is caring and compassionate and really shows it to his kids and their families!!! Thanks for much.


Rachelle Weidler