Jamie Oberheu

Irving Elementary

Mrs. Oberheu recently arranged to take her 5th grade class to a UNI men's basketball game. Many of her students come from low-income gamilies, and many of them don't think college is a possibility. AFter taking them to UNI for a previous field trip, Mrs. Oberheu noticed how awe-struck they were and how excited they were about that experience. Many of them began talking about college, and she saw that her students were beginning to see the possibilities their futures had. She reached out to UNI to get tickets for her students and took them to the game on a Saturday evening. On a weekend where she could easily be home with her own family, Mrs. Oberheu felt it was important to give her students another college experience they most likely would not have had otherwise. She definitely deserves to be recognized as an outstanding teacher. She truly cares about her students as if they were her own kids, which she proves this and time again. this was just one shining example of her dedication to her students' success!


Lindsey Smedley