Kristi Ingamells

Hudson Elementary

Other than being an AWESOME teacher, she has been more than a teacher to our son, Hunter. In middle october, Hunter broke his leg. He went from an active child to a child who had a cast all the way up his leg and was now using a wheelchair. She made sure to check in with us daily to see how he was doing. She even brought his work to our house, even though she told us not to worry about that. When we finally got Hunter back to school, she made sure to make Hunter feel as if nothing had happened. She presonally took care of making sure he was getting to where he needed to be and adapted to his new situation. I think she was just as nervous about him returning to school as I was. My husband and I feel she has gone above and beyond her role as an educator. She takes care of Hunter as if he were one of her own children. She is very patient with him and has been helping him channel some of his frustration with his situation. Saying "thank you" would never fully express how my husband and I feel towards her actions towards our son and family. She truly cares and makes us feel awesome about our choice to send him to Hudson school.


Emily Shelton