Jake Grafenberg

Orchard Hill Elementary

Mr. G. teaches 5th grade and my daughter has him. Her life has changed completely from being very sick and then dealing with DHD/OCD and anxiety. She has dealt with some bullying and any other issue and Mr. G. has been amazing. He not only cares about her learning but her well being as well. He will always send emails just to see how my daughter is doing. He can tell when the class is having a down day and will just all of a sudden crank One Direction and have a random dance party. My daughter looks forward to going to school which has been difficult to get her to want to go in the past. Fifth grade is a hard time with the kids, with everything changing and what is going on in the world. But Mr. G. makes coming to school a safe and fun place to learn. We are so grateful to have him this year, and it has made it easier for me as a parent knowing tha tyour daughters teacher truly cares for them!!

Thanks Mr. Grafenberg!!!


Shannon Frost