Scott Bogard

Janesville Elementary

Nominated by 8 different parents -



This year, my daughter has the pleasure of having Mr. Bogard as her teacher. We first met him last year when he was a student teacher in her kindergarten room. I knew tha the would have an instant connection with the kids the morning I walked into the classroom to help with the halloween party and he was dressed in a full Batman suit. He immerses himself into their world for the day and allows them to be their little creative selves all while shaping their minds. There is so much I could say about this Man's wonderful ability to teach.

I love that during their "morning meeting" time, he incorporates music by playing his guitar and singing with his students. I love hte way he teaches the first grade. I like to use the phrase "he teaches them how to be people" and goes this teaching them about respect and teamwork in addition to spelling and math. He says that this year's group of kids is a great group, but I think that has a lot to do with the love and respect they have for their teacher.

Janette Friesen



Mr. Bogard has been instrumental in getting the 1st grader excited about learning this year! He incorporates his guitar playing and music into the daily activities. By doing this he is teaching the love of music to the kids and the excitement of playing musical instruments. He also uses technology and IPads to teach the children. He makes movies of the kids doing their projects so parents can view this as well. He has been fundamental in getting my son excited about learning and how to read and improve on his reading and spelling skills. The kids all love him and love to be with him. I would love to see him win teacher of the WEEK!

Laura Hoodjer



Mr. Bogard is the first grader teacher at Janesville Consolidated School District. He cares about his students and does his best to make learning fun. One thing the kids love about him is that he plays his guitar and they sings songs. He is very patient and always calm. He is an amazing teacher and deserves recognition!

Connie Gergen



Outstanding 1st grade teacher!!! Rocks the guitar too!




Mr. Bogard is in his first year as the first grade teacher at Janesville Elementary. The kids and parents all love him! He makes learning fun and exciting everyday for all the kids. As a huge Elvis fan, he plays guitar and sings to the kids and involves them in fun projects throughout the day. He is a blessing and wonderful addition to the Janesville school district!

Amy Roethler



Mr. Bogard is an awesome teacher for many reasons! But my favorite reason is that he sings and plays guitar to the kids; and taught them the June Carter Cash song "Burning Ring of Fire" Everyone should learn that song in 1st grade.

Barb Schilf



When we think of Mr. Bogard the word amazing comes to mind. My daughter comes home everyday and says "I LOVE school". Mr. Bogard keeps the classroom creative, exciting and challenging. He plays guitar and sings with the kids everyday. He is inspiring and truly cares about each and every student in his class. In his first year of teaching he has made a huge impact on the first grade and all of the students in the entire elementary school! First Grade Truly ROCKS!\

The Davison Family



Mr. Bogard is an amazing teacher. He starts everyday off playing guitar and singing with the kids. They are singing everyting from grammy winning Okie Dokie Brothers to John Denver, Johnny Cash and Elvis. He does an amazing job helping the children and showing them how fun learning is. My son has gotten so much from this 1st grade classroom. This is Scotts first year teaching and I believe has already proven what a wonderful teacher and rol he is and will be throughout his career.

Sarah Wagner