Micah Casper

Union Middle School

Mr. Casper in and around the classroom, you would never know that he was fresh out of college.


Mr. Casper has transformed the Industrial Tech program. In a few short months in the summer of 2012, he redid the curriculum. He brought the program into the 21st century. Due to the new curriculum, more students are interested in Industrial Tech. The students went from using rulers and balsa wood to making end tables and shelves. The students enjoy being able to use tools and saws. It gives them great satisfaction to bring home a complete project that is practical for everyday use.


After taking Mr. Casper's class, my daughter wants to go into mechanical design. He has made the class so fun and interesting that he gave her the desire to enter a profession that is cominated by men.


Union Middle School, UMS, has an optional incentvie program for the students called Silver Cord. The objective of the program is for students to get 100 community service hours before they graduate 8th grade. Mr Casper helps students achieve their golas by offering them opportunities to earn hours. He tries to work around schedules, and help as many students as possible. Not only does Mr. Casper offer the students opportunities to earn Silver Cord hours, he also demonstrates the concept of volunteering.


During football season, Mr. Casper volunteered his time in the press box announcing for the middle school games and occasionally helping with practice. He showed the players that he cared about their sucesses. During wrestling season, he came to practice and helped with moves and positions. The students loved seeing a familiar face during their sporting events. He demonstrated to the kids' first-hand how important it is to volunteer your time.


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