Erin Ellison

Happy Time PreSchool

This is the first year my daughter has gone to any sort of preschool or daycare. She was excited but I was nervous since she had never been alone with anyone but family. Mrs. Ellison has proved to be an amazing teacher. She succeeded in putting both my child and I at ease for her frist year of school. My daughter has already learned so much and looks forward to every day that she gets to go to school to see who she calls the best teacher in the whole world. The change in my daughter is amazing. She listens better, has nore faith in herself and patience in her learning. She has started trying new things and isn't so nervous about changes in our norm. Mrs. Ellison keeps all the kids entertained with fun activities and fun learning activities. I would recommend Happy Time Preschool to any parent looking for a fun and safe environment entriely based on my experience with Mrs. Ellison. I really can't say enough about this woman. She deserves to be recognized for that amazing person she is. Mrs. Ellison is a definite blessing to our family.


Holly Fontenot