Andrea Hottle

Hudson Elementary

There is only one way to describe Mrs. Hottle--AMAZING! Mrs. hottle teaches Kindergarten at Hudson Elementary and she is so wonderful at the job she does everyday. Mr Daughter Chloe has her this year and my oldest also had her as a teacher. Mrs. Hottle has a saying and it is so true, "My mission is to make kids feel yummy about being in school". She is commiteed to doing just that. Mrs. Hottle goes above and beyond to make kids feel safe and loved everyday. I had the pleasure last year of working in her room and I felt so awesome at the end of the day, just having the opportunity to work with someone so wonderful, doesn't happen everyday. I can tell when my Chloe comes home and tells me all the fantastic things that did in class - in my heart I know Chloe find school to be absolutely "Yummy".