Traffic Trivia with Bob & Jenni

Date Question Answer
4/23/14 2 Billion of these are made every year, and the usually come in a 5, 10 or 15 count. What? Peeps
4/22/14 When was the first Earth Day observed by Americans? 1970
4/18/14 What is the name of the dance that is commonly done at Easter time? The Bunny Hop
4/17/14 49% of taxpayers would rather go HERE than prepare their taxes. The Dentist~!
4/16/14 About 1 out of 5 kids have gotten sick at this time of year from doing this. What? Eating too much candy!
4/15/14 What bow can't be tied? Rainbow
4/14/14 According to a new study, Americans are most afraid of this? What? (what is our biggest phobia) Snakes
4/11/14 This product became a staple on the television show "The Pretender." Pez
4/10/14 More of THESE occur on Fridays than on any other day of the week.  Traffic Accidents
4/9/14 73% of women say men over 40 who do THIS look ridiculous. Wear a ball cap backwards
4/8/14 This is the 3rd most consumed beverage on the planet. What? Beer!
4/4/14 The Average Rap album features over 200 of these. What? Swear Words
4/3/14 56% of us do THIS in the car. Sing!
3/27/14 Due to unique genetic characteristics, men are more likely than women to be what? Color Blind
3/25/14 One out of five men say they realize they're getting older when this happens. What is it? They start complaining about music being too loud
3/24/14 85% of people say their relationship would be better if their partner stopped doing this. What is it? Snoring
3/20/14 34% of people have made this fashion faux paus at work. Wore a price tag still attached to their clothes 
3/19/14 87% of people say it's ok to use this rule when it comes to eating.   The 5 Second Rule!
3/18/14 68% of men do this when watching sports.  What is it? Talk or yell at the TV
3/17/14 Movie Clip Monday The Comittments
3/7/14 The item that contains the most germs in your house, is this! What? The Kitchen sponge
3/6/14 This is the most popular destination for Spring Break 2014. Where? Las Vegas
3/4/14 When it comes to Doctors, this contains more germs than their hands. What? Their Stethoscope!
3/3/14 Which actor/actress has won the most Academy Awards? Katherine Hepburn
2/28/14 What singer-songwriter wrote the jingle, "Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there"? Barry Manilow
Only 10 percent of us say we’re able to do this task on a daily basis?
Wake up without an alarm
2/26/14 42% of men & 31% of women say their #1 pet peeve about sloppy bathroom habits is this.  Not replacing the toilet paper when it runs out!
2/24/14 According to a new study, the more time that a man does this, the healthier his wife will be. What? The More Hours he works!
2/21/14 Researchers from Canada say they’ve found that we smell with this just as much as with our nose? Your eyes!
According to a recent survey, 35% of all people surveyed said they considered doing this good luck?
picking up a penny
2/18/14 Doing this burns just under 400 calories per hour. What? Shoveling Snow
2/18/14 What tv show is the most popular for couples to watch together? The Big Bang Theory
2/14/14 Doing this alone or in a group will make you healthier by reducing your stress. What? Singing!
2/13/14 When it comes to driving..40% of people don’t like this because they can’t do it. What is it? Parallel Park
2/12/14 Americans eat 18 acres of THIS each day. Pizza
2/11/14 Every year, $50 million dollars worth of these are stolen from Hotels in the US. What? Towels
2/10/14 Hairball question  
2/7/14 When humans sing, it releases a hormone that makes humans what? Happy!
2/6/14 11 Billion of these are sold every year, and you always get them for free. What? Ketchup packets
2/5/14 This is the best selling cookie in the history of America. What? Oreos
2/4/14 What was the first TV remote control called? "Lazy bones"
2/3/14 In Japan it is considered good luck when which type of athlete makes a baby cry? A Sumo Wrestler
1/30/14 Fearing banks, power grids and nuclear plants would go haywire because of a computer glitch, in 1999 people were up in arms over what? Y2K
1/29/14 According to a new study, a quarter of all sports fans believe in these. What? Curses or Superstitions
1/27/14 Movie Clip Monday (#1 Movie of all time at the Box office) Avatar!
1/23/14 The amount of people doing this in their homes has decreased by 80% over the past 50 years. Take baths
1/22/14 15% of people have done THIS 7 times before they are satisfied. What is it? Take a selfie!
25% of people say this is a bad place to go on a first date?
A Sporting event
1/16/14 1 out of 4 bones in your body are located here. Where? Your Feet!
1/15/14 The white house is the most visited home in the United States.  What is 2nd? Graceland
1/14/14 Sold in 1986 for just $11.49, the QVC Network’s first product ever was the “Windsor Shower Companion,” a handy type of what? Shower Radio
1/13/14 Movie Clip Monday Up Close and Personal
1/10/14 When shopping online, 11% of people prefer to do it THIS way.  Naked!
1/9/14 A survey by mattress company Ergoflex revealed that 55% of bachelors change what only four times per year? Bedsheets
1/8/14 42% of office workers say THIS is their favorite reason to go to work. Office Gossip
1/7/14 Close to 12,000 trips to the Emergency Room happen every year in the US from doing this. What? Shoveling Snow!
1/3/14 What hockey position player is most likely to wear a throat protector? Goalie
1/2/14 According to a new study, the average woman has 8 beauty secrets she keeps from her partner. What's the #1 beauty secret women hide from men? Removing hair from their toes!
12/31/13 The NFL has 333 of these. What? Games!
12/30/13 60% of people think THIS is becoming more accepted during the holiday season. What is it? Regifting
12/20/13 This is the only letter not used in the names of the 50 states. What letter? Q
12/19/13 This Christmas classic was played on American armed forces radio as a secret message during the Vietnam War. What song? White Christmas
12/18/13 How much does Lucy charge for psychiatric help? 5 cents
12/16/13 According to a new survey, the #1 thing you hate about the Holidays is waiting in long lines and dealing with Crowds at the stores. What's #2? Gaining Weight!
12/13/13 What facial feature is the focus of a biennial world championship that has categories like “Dali,” “Musketeer” and “Garibaldi”? Beards and moustaches
11/29/13 What year was the first Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? 1924
11/27/13 The first departmental store that held a Thanksgiving parade was? Gimbels Department Store!
11/26/13 The pilgrims took beer with them on their voyage. TRUE
11/22/13 Found to be an effective way to scare birds off the runway, a British airport blasted “The Best” and other songs by which artist? Tina Turner
11/21/13 42% of office workers say THIS is their favorite reason to go to work.  Office Gossip
11/20/13 Holiday Hoopla is celebrating its 5th year! Can you remember how Santa made his grand appearance the very first year? Rapelled down the side of a building!
11/19/13 According to a new survey 42% of men say they do this on Thanksgiving?
Prepare or cook the turkey
11/12/13 83% of people under the age of 30 use their mobile phone for THIS.   As an alarm clock
11/11/13 What do hockey wags dub the "sin bin"? The penalty box
11/8/13 According to Men's Health Magazine, men will spend an average of one month of their life looking for THIS? Look for missing socks 
11/7/133 If coffee is the most recognizable smell what is #2? Peanut butter
11/6/13 A recent survey says that 37% of us ask for help with this at least once a month?
Our online passwords
11/5/13 What U.S. state was once called West New Jersey? Pennsylvania
11/4/13 Movie clip Monday Last Vegas
11/1/13 According to legend, the signs of a werewolf are hairy palms, tattoos, a long middle finger and this? A unibrow
10/31/13 Johnny Depp made his film debut in which horror film? A Nightmare on Elm Street
10/30/13 Name the five Great Lakes. Ontario, Erie, Michigan, Superior and Huron
10/29/13 In 2012, February had five Wednesdays, an occurrence that will not happen again until what year? 2040
10/28/13 Movie clip monday Scary Movie
10/25/13 According to superstition, a person born on Halloween has what particular ability? They can see and talk to spirits
10/24/13 What is a camels hump made of? Fat


In the classic comedy skit performed by Abbot and Costello, “Who’s on First?”, name the right fielder. noone
10/22/13 Doing this on the first date might seem rude, but guys, it could get you a 2nd date? interupting
10/21/13 Movie Clip Monday Hocus pocus
10/17/13 Doing this in a movie theater makes you forget new ads that you view on the screen? Eating Popcorn
10/16/13 What is the only Great Lake entirely within the U.S.? Lake Michigan